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[good news] Shenzhen Li Jie won the AAA grade credit title

Update:2019-01-04    Hits:8

Shenzhen Li Jie decoration company has received good news, after the South Shenzhen credit rating Co. approved credit rating authority assessment agencies, awarded the AAA grade credit rating certificate.

The company has always been in good faith-based, operating in good condition, and constantly improve the enterprise benefit. Since 2011, was named the national brand, quality, management, service, credit grade AAAAA green brands and many other titles, again won the AAA grade credit enterprise ". Show the enterprise credit evaluation committee of experts of Shenzhen Li Jie, the company's operating results, as well as the future development of certain enterprise credit

A good credit rating can not only enhance the intangible assets of the enterprise, is the enterprise in the market economy, the "credit card", is an important guarantee to customers, partners and investors with bold and assured of cooperation. "AAA credit rating" will get to Shenzhen Li Jie company to further develop the market at home and abroad to promote the competitiveness of the market to provide a strong guarantee, at the same time, also for the rapid development of Shenzhen Li Jie company laid a solid foundation for credit.

In addition, Li Jie decoration is also very honored to become a member of China Building Decoration association. Li Jie people under the leadership of chairman Ye Guangqing, will continue the spirit of "honesty, innovation as the core" business philosophy, to high-quality, environmentally friendly products, more convenient, sincere service return customers, create new building green humanities decoration enterprises, to become the international first-class decoration enterprise target enterprising.

Li Jie people have reason to believe that, in the days when the right to down, Li Jie decoration must be the pursuit of excellence, achieve gorgeous, climbing the world construction industry summit, the service of human society, toward a higher goal.

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