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LIJIE Group, founded in 2011, headquartered in Shenzhen with registered capital of more than 200 million yuan, is a comprehensive industrial group with construction decoration as the main part, integrating industrial investment,modern science and technology,real estate development, international trade and other multi-industry. Its subsidiaries include Shenzhen LIJIE Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.,  Shenzhen Dianji Technology Co., Ltd.,AlacrityCulture(Shenzhen)Co.Ltd, Shenzhen Qianhai Easy-to-enjoy Capital Management Co., Ltd., China Lijie Building Decoration Technology(Hong Kong Limited., LIJIE. International Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Li Jie International Import and Export Trade Co.,Ltd.,Shenzhen LIJIE Stone Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guoguanghui Labor Dispatch Co., Ltd. and other industries.

Since its establishment, the Group has actively introduced advanced enterprise management concepts and methods, and vigorously promoted the concept of green environmental protection and advanced engineering construction solutions. Through and strengthening the certification of environmental management, occupational health and safety management and quality management system, we have successively obtained the qualification of building curtain wall, garden greening, safety and technical prevention system design, construction and maintenance, and successively passed the certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We have the ability of building decoration, curtain wall, landscape, furniture, soft-fitting and other industry chain design and construction services, including Bibi. Guangyuan, Jia Zhaoye, greenbelt, overseas Chinese town, COFCO real estate, China Southern Power Grid, China Railway Construction and many other powerful enterprises have formed a solid strategic cooperative relationship. The business radiates the more than 30 provinces and cities outside Tibet and Vietnam, Malaysia, Tanzania and other Southeast Asian countries.

In recent years, the Group has been adhering to the enterprise tenet of "being credible and expeditious", following the enterprise spirit of "serving green ecological buildings and making international first-class decoration with quickheartedness", taking serving green and healthy living environment as its own responsibility, and striving to pass three major innovations - business innovation, management innovation, production innovation and two driving forces - Financial drive, scientific and technological channel. To build a service platform for the construction decoration industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of China's construction decoration industry. Over the years, the Group has been highly recognized by the industry for its solid engineering performance and excellent engineering reputation. It has been awarded the National Architectural Engineering Decoration Award, Guangdong Quality Engineering Award, Shenzhen Decoration Golden Peng Award, AAA Credit Enterprise of China Building Decoration Association, AAA Credit Evaluation Enterprise of Bank Credit and Top 100 Enterprises of China Building Decoration Industry. "Guangdong Provincial Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprises" and "Hurun Baifu 2018 China Architectural Decoration Industry Most Investment Potential Award" and other industry honors.

Over the years, the Group has never forgotten its social responsibility and corporate responsibility as a member of the society, and actively devoted itself to social public welfare activities such as donating funds to study, building bridges and roads, and helping the poor and the weak, so as to transfer the positive energy of the society.

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